Top VC-funded drug targets now available in BMaps

We are happy to announce that we have added fragment maps for over 70 unique proteins that are primary targets for ongoing, cutting edge research projects at top venture capitalist pharmaceutical companies. We looked into pharmaceutic/therapeutic companies from the most active pharmaceutical investors in recent years, such as OrbiMed Advisors, Novartis Venture Fund, RA Capital, etc.

We proactively investigated over 110 distinct companies, searching through vast amounts of literature, press releases, and pipelines in order to assemble a premier list of druggable candidates, which were incorporated into our extensive library of fragment and water maps. These targets are under investigation for a vast range of indications, ranging from Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disorders, various cancers, and more.

Also included in the new update are proteins that are primary targets going through Phase II clinical trials such as MAP kinase (MKNK1), Activin receptor type-1 (ACVR1), and stem cell growth factor receptor (KIT).

Check out the list of added Venture Capitalist proteins here and start your own designs today! Stay tuned for future additions to our database, because here at Boltzmann Maps, we are democratizing drug discovery one update at a time.