Visualization in BMaps is mostly handled using the mini-menus on the right-side bar. However, there are also a range of style features available by right clicking an atom or residue in the workspace. See the sections below for more info about the capabilities in each.

Visualization Side Bar

In addition to the components discussed below, visualization may also be changed using the Select with query button at the bottom of the Visualization Side Bar. This option is discussed elsewhere.


View options change the visualization in the 3D workspace.

In addition to these presets, the view can also be changed in the following ways:

Zoom - scroll wheel/two fingers on the track pad

Rotate - left click and drag

Focused Views

These views are relevant presets that may be useful to you.

Protein View - A full picture of the system with the protein in cartoon ribbon and ligands in ball and stick.

Ligand View - A zoomed in view of the ligand position with ligand as ball and stick and the protein as wire.

Publication View - Adds hot spots to the Ligand View.

Reset - Return the protein to cartoon ribbon and the ligand to ball and stick.