Join the quest in advancing drug design with free access to Boltzmann Maps' full suite of features.

Computational operations are limited, but all features are enabled, including docking, energy minimization, and water map visualization.

Contribute to the largest repository of fragment data by running your own fragment maps.

For students and others exploring fragment maps.

Product Features:
  • Docks: 30
  • Fragment Maps: 10
  • Water Maps: 1
  • Isolated Storage: No
  • Private Maps: No

Pro - $30 / month

Compute water and fragment maps on your own structures and have increased access to resources like docking.

BMaps doesn’t retain your protein or compound data, but any new fragment data computed on your behalf will be shared with the public repository.

For academic researchers or small company chemists.

Product Features:
  • Docks: 120
  • Fragment Maps: 100
  • Water Maps: 30
  • Isolated Storage: No
  • Private Maps: No

Premier - $300 / month

All data, including proprietary protein structures, compounds, and fragment data, are protected in isolated storage.

Fragment data computed on your behalf is never released into the public repository (unless at your direction).

Access to computing resources suitable for larger projects.

For industry professionals.

Product Features:
  • Docks: 1,000
  • Fragment Maps: 1,000
  • Water Maps: 100
  • Isolated Storage: Yes
  • Private Maps: Yes


For corporations needing the highest security, private hosting of Boltzmann Maps is available.  Please contact to inquire.